A word from the Dean

Multi-disciplinarily scholarship. Excellence. Professionalization.

Rentrée solenelle

Together, these values make up the foundational pillars onto which the educational project of the Rennes 1 University Faculty of Law and Political Science is built. The Faculty’s 4,000- strong student body benefits from a wide range of academic programs covering all of the major disciplines in the fields of Law and Political Science.

Courses for our Bachelors degree program in Law (which includes the option to minor in Political Science) are offered on campuses in both Rennes and St. Brieuc. Our Masters degree programs offer six specialty areas of study that allow students to focus in on the field of their choice. These specialty areas include commercial law, European law, public law (including an option in history of law), private law (including an option in civil law), social law and political science. The Law Studies Institute (Institut d’Études Judiciares, or IEJ) prepares students taking the French Bar and Bench exams. In 2016 an excellence hub was created for the benefit of our top students. As for our doctoral candidates seeking careers in academe, we make sure they receive the support they need to fulfil all their scholarly aspirations.

The quality and appeal of our degree programs are ensured by the commitment and support of our research teams and laboratories, comprised of individuals renowned within their fields on both on the national and the international stage. The high-level research they carry out directly influences our academic programs and is a great source of knowledge for our students.

The Rennes 1 Faculty of Law and Political Science boasts strong connections to both the professional world and civil society. Close historical ties with law practitioners,  county offices (collectivités territoriales) and businesses, as well as the development of degree programs such as Vocational Masters programs (Masters professionnels) and University Certificate programs (Diplôme Universitaire, or DU) are in line with current socio-economic environment and help ensure our graduates get off to a good professional start. The Faculty is also a strong proponent of continued education and focuses in particular on the accreditation of professional experience and livelong learning.

The Faculty highly encourages international mobility for students through Erasmus+ and other non-European exchange agreements. Over the years, several double-degree programs have been developed as well as an Erasmus Mundus program called Europubhealth – a European Masters program in Public Health which offers a double Masters degree from two of seven participating European and American universities. The Faculty currently enjoys partnership agreements with more than fifty foreign universities.

The dynamic and innovative atmosphere at the Rennes 1 Faculty of Law and Political Science offers an intellectually stimulating environment where student success remains a priority.

On the behalf of the Faculty of Law and Political Science and my entire team, I would like to welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay in Brittanys capital city of Rennes.

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science Frédéric Lambert