Student life

  1. Disabled students
  2. Elections
  3. Student associations
  4. Social worker
  5. Health
  6. Culture
  7. Sport

Disabled students


Disabled students can beneft from educational support and exams arrangements. For this, they have to speak to the SAVE (Help to Student Life Service), by contacting Nadège Leclou.


Every student of the Faculty of Law and Political Science can vote or be eligible at the Faculty Council. It is composed of 40 members including 10 students. These ones are elected for a 2 years mandate. 

BACHELOR DEGREE M. GUENNOU Thibault (permanent post-holder)                                                                       
M. XHIHANI Steve (stand-in)
Mme BERTHELOT Océane (permanent post-holder)
Mme LANDAU Noa (stand-in)                                                                                     
Mme GUILLET-RENAULT Estelle (permanent post-holder)                                                                 
M.QUIL Brieuc (stand-in)                                                         
M. TRAVERSE Karl (permanent post-holder)                                                                      
M. LEJART Quentin (stand-in)                                                                               
Mme SEYER Juliette (permanent post-holder)                                                              
Mme BOURHIS Manon (stand-in)                           
MASTER DEGREE M. MOREL Tom (permanent post-holder)                                                                                     
Mme ELLEOUET Mégane (stand-in)                                                                                      
M. LE CLOEREC Guewen (permanent post-holder)                                                                            
Mme MERLE DES ISLES Sybille (stand-in)
M. MINGASSON Pierre (permanent post-holder)
Mme COTTON Sixtine (stand-in)
PhD Mme LIMEUL Anne- Claire (permanent post-holder)
Mme ROGGERO Frédéric (permanent post-holder)


Student associations

Either cultural, sportive or humanitarian, student associations allow you to fit in quickly, to discover new passions or new talents.

Our associations :

  • APJFA - Association du Parcours Juriste Franco-Allemand
  • ARESP - Association Rennaise des étudiants en Science politique
  • BDE - Bureau des Étudiants de la Faculté de Droit et de Science Politique
  • CORPO DSP - Corporation des Étudiants en Droit de Rennes
  • LYSIAS - Promouvoir la pratique de l'art oratoire dans les Facultés de Droit
  • FERIA -  Fédération Etudiante Rennaise InterAssociative
  • UNEF - Syndicat étudiant

Social worker

Mrs Brigitte MARCHAND carry a duty period tuesday from 9h15 to 12h15 at the 1st floor, office 101.1, during the academic year.
She can be reach as well calling at or by mail :


The Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion Intercollegiate Service (SIMPPS) organize a health watch for the whole students and participate to the hygiene and security control authorities.


  • is a Health Center : general and specialized medicine consultations  (contraception, nutrition, psychiatry, tabacco addiction…)
  • give a preventive examination to the whole students during the three first years of study
  • set up medical check-up at student's resquests,
  • set up care and integration measures for disabled students taking courses in Rennes 1
  • develop study and research programs on students health with the different protagonists of university life,
  • boost and coordinate prevention programs bound for students and university staff,
  • medical and psychological interviews,
  • nursing,
  • social service : information, advices, social support, mediation,
  • sophrology (in groupe or individual) and relaxation.

Otherwise, carry a duty period on Tuesday from 9h15 to 12h15 at the office 101.1 of the Faculty of Law and Political Science.


Le diapason

The department of Arts and Culture or Rennes1 University aim to set up a cultural and artistic policy, to value scientific and technical culture to a wide public and to help students accessing culture.


Le sport - © ©univ-rennes1

If you want to revitalize, to improve in sports, the University offers a wide range of activities accessible to all students, from beginners to experienced.