The Main Assets of Saint-Brieuc Campus

Campus de St Brieuc

The campus offers students good working conditions thanks to a "teaching of closeness" with a small staff team.

However, Saint-Brieuc students belong to the Faculty of Law of Rennes 1 and they benefit from the same quality of education and the same evaluation standards:
* the almost forty professors teaching in Saint-Brieuc belong to the University of Rennes 1,
* Jury deliberations for examinations are common in Rennes and Saint-Brieuc. 
Every year, privileged studies conditions determine good success rates in Saint-Brieuc Campus. Such good results are due in large part by a human-size staff, a mutual aid and emulations among students, a geographical proximity, a positive teacher-student ratio (1 teacher for 10 students), smaller working groups (between 15 and 30 students according to subjects), a widely provided library…  
The Faculty of Law dedicates considerable human and financial resources in the “Succeeding in Licence Plan”, with supervisors, methodological supports, anticipated examination dates, specific tutoring supports for students in difficulty, update in French…    

Students are invited throughout their program to think about their future and their orientation within the "Personal and Professional Project" (P.P.P.E.) which includes different activities: internships, professional meetings, audiences in the courts, writi