Bachelor degrees


Law Bachelor Degree

The Bachelor degree in Law and Political Science give a general formation on 3 years, organized in 6 semesters. It includes lessons on fundamental and additional disciplines of Private Law, Public Law and Political Science (the 1st semester is a core curriculum Law-Political Science, then starting from the 2nd semester, students can choose between Political Science or one of the Law specilizations). It gives the possibility to students to enter directly the labour market, especially through professional Bachelor or pursuing in Master. The Bachelor can be followed in Rennes or St Brieuc, either in specifical path or general path.

Political Science Degree

The Political Science Bachelor aim to offer a specialized formation in political science fields to students, while giving them a good level of general knowledge and legal knowledge.
Students can earn a understanding of the founding principles, the working, the participants and the modes of action existing in the different political systems. Beyond this, it aims to a opening on knowledges about the varied historical realities and the national and international policies.

The specializations

  • Law (L1-L2-L3)
  • Political Science (L1-L2-L3)
  • Excellence (L1-L2-L3)
  • Environment (L1-L2-L3)
  • Parcours franco-allemand (L1-L2-L3)
  • Preparation to JAFB (L1-L2-L3)
  • Economy and management (L1-L2-L3)
  • Fo@d (Business law) (L2-L3)

Professional Bachelor